Preparing the Property to Show

Preparing the Property to Show

Many items that may be done to prepare the property for marketing and showing cost comparatively little, and yet may dramatically enhance market response and value. However, from basic cleaning to full staging, anything that appears likely to add more value in achieved sales price than it costs is worth consideration.

First Impressions Do Count

One study found that staged homes usually sold in half the time and, on average, for almost 5% more than unstaged properties. Over our many years representing our clients in the sale of their homes, we’ve seen that confirmed over and over again.

Regardless of current market conditions, it has been shown time and time again that a well-prepared home will sell for a higher market price and in less time than unprepared properties. Your home has just one chance to make a great first impression with each potential buyer!

• Show the home in its absolute best possible light
• Maximize response from the buyer and broker communities
• Differentiate from competitive properties
• Attain the highest possible sales price

Preparing your home to show is not a matter of taste, but of strategy –
how to make you more money on its sale.

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