Effective Negotiation


Effective Negotiation

“A good agent’s negotiating skills and knowledge of property values can add 5 to 10 percent to your house’s sale price.” – Brown & Tyson, House Selling for Dummies

Value: A Highly Variable Equation

The sale of real estate involves large sums of money being paid in an ever-changing market under terms delineated in complex legal contracts. The “fair market value” of each home is a combination of both objective (quantifiable) and subjective (unquantifiable) attributes as assessed by individual buyers.

With so much money at stake in such a complicated and emotional transaction, it is imperative that your agent – in addition to the skills to price, prepare and market your home properly – has the expertise and the dedication to your interests to negotiate effectively on your behalf:

• To provide comprehensive knowledge of the current values, conditions and trends of the local real estate market.

• To counsel you on your full range of options and strategies – and the potential risks and rewards of each one – in soliciting and responding to offers.

• To learn as much about the other parties (buyers and their agents) – their qualifications, motivations, circumstances, way of doing business, needs, wants and priorities – while maintaining your confidentiality at all times.

• At your direction, to negotiate shrewdly and aggressively to achieve the best possible price and terms – while minimizing any future liability by maintaining the highest ethical standards as your fiduciary representative.

A skilled negotiator can positively impact the outcome. By the end of the transaction, the goal is that there isn’t a dollar left on the table that could have been added to your proceeds of sale.

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