Closing Costs


How buyers and sellers in San Francisco split the closing costs pertinent to the sale of real estate is ultimately decided in the purchase contract itself, but this list details how they are typically split in San Francisco County.

Very generally speaking, a buyer can expect that closing costs will run anywhere from 1% to 3% of the purchase price, the major variable being the loan points charged, if any, by their lender. Other than loan-related fees, the big costs for buyers are for escrow fees and title insurance, home inspections, the first year of hazard insurance and property tax pro-rations, if any.

For sellers, closing costs usually run in the range of 6% to 8% of the sales price, not including loan pay-off and any home preparation or repair costs. Typically, the largest seller costs are brokerage commissions and transfer taxes.


Sellers Generally Pay…

• Brokerage Commissions

• Real Property Transfer Taxes

• Payoff of Existing Property Loans

• Statement & Reconveyance Fees: Any Loan Prepayment Penalties

• Pre-sale Inspection Reports

• Natural Hazard Zone Disclosure Statement

• City Report of Residential Record

• Energy/ Water Conservation and Other Statutory Compliance Work

• Any Judgments, Tax Liens and DelinquentTaxes Recorded Against Property or Seller

• Property Tax Proration (up to time of transfer of title)

• Any Unpaid Homeowner’s Dues

• Homeowner’s Association Document Fee

• Any Bonds or Assessments (according to contract)

• HOA Move-out Fees (for condos)

• Notary & Courier Fees and Recording Charges

Buyers Generally Pay…

• Title Insurance Premiums

• Escrow Fee

• Inspection Reports: pest, contractor, engineer, roof, etc., as desired

• Pro-rated Property Taxes (from date of acquisition)

• Appraisal Cost, Loan Points & Fees

• Interest on New Loan From Funding to 30 Days Prior to First Payment

• Home Warranty (as desired)

• Homeowners Insurance for first year

• Earthquake Insurance (optional)

• Homeowners Association Transfer and Move-in Fees (for condos)

• Pro-rated Homeowners Association Fees (for condos)

• Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) if Required by Lender

• Insurance/ Property Tax Impound Accounts if Required by Lender

• Notary & Courier Fees and Recording Charges for Al! Documents in Buyer’s Name

Who pays for the various closing costs is negotiable between the Buyer and Seller, though the above sets forth the customary division in San Francisco County. Some counties spit their title and escrow fees, transfer taxes and other costs between Buyer and Seller in varying manners.

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