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mobile: 415.624.4166     office: 415.901.1797


Carrie manages every deal as if it were her own home or purchase. Prepping, marketing, negotiation, managing the transaction, careful consideration of the numbers – there is no stone unturned and no detail un-checked.

Carrie is an expert at pricing, market stats and inventory. She is creative about helping clients create future value and see potential. Getting deals done in this highly competitive market requires strong relationships with colleagues and strategic partnership. Each year approximately 45% of Carrie’s overall volume is done “off market”. Carrie’s ability to coordinate the right professional network to support sellers and buyers is essential to a successful transaction and her list of contacts is unmatched.


Carrie is a 4th generation Bay Area native from a long line of real estate professionals, builders and developers. Her grandfather grew up in San Francisco attending St. Ignatius High School where her daughter is now a student. Carrie knows from experience what it’s like to raise a family in the City and how to navigate the school system, the nuances of each neighborhood and stick it out as a family in a city!!


Carrie loves walking, hiking, running the Greenwich stairs or Lyon Street stairs and an occasional game of golf. You will often see her with her beloved Golden Retriever, Sam. She loves hosting big dinners with friends, great music, cooking, weekends at Stinson Beach or wine country adventures. Carrie is all about family and loves bringing people together.


One of the great things about Carrie is she is proactive.
She won’t just plug you into the computer and tell you when there is a match. She contacts people & finds those who were thinking about selling.



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mobile: 415.710.0268     office: 415.772.8480

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles (no need to refrain from any valley girl references; I embrace it fully). I received my Bachelors degree at UCLA and went on to obtain my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent…more

Prior to becoming a successful real estate agent, I had a wonderful career in education. I spent 9 years at USC managing international programs at the Marshall School of Business (MBA program). I am a traveler at heart; 46 countries and counting. While I used to enjoy traveling on a shoestring budget with a backpack and a street-map, I’ve since grown to appreciate a good bed and a fine hotel.

I moved to San Francisco in 2000. I have been practicing real estate for the last 10 years and believe I have found my true calling. Carrie and I became business partners in 2005 and Carrie plays an enormous role in my success. We are so perfectly complementary to one another that I’ve been known to say – with a wink and a smile – that “she completes me.” With a business built almost exclusively from repeat and referral clients, Carrie & I combine our real estate savvy and caring customer service to create winning transactions. When it comes to our clients, I value their trust and I take my responsibility to them very seriously.

I believe the universe is perfect – that sometimes you’ve just got to let go and things will simply fall into place. Real Estate has not only provided me with an enriching career – but also a new husband! We just tied the knot in May 2013 in Mexico. We own in lower Pacific Heights with our furry friend Josie, a Cotton de Tulear. She is training to become an assisted therapy dog, via the SPCA, which is designed to facilitate communication, healing, and motivation with those facing mental, physical or educational challenges. I love to play tennis, practice yoga, snowboard, bicycle, and work out at the Lyon Street steps.


Buying a place with Lisa was easier than setting up a nail appointment…she was a blessing!

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